Bright Echo

from by Branton G

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June 2012


Cleaning out dusty boxes, clearing space
out falls a small wallet-size of your smiling face /
My old blue and white cellphone, blurry pictures of you and I,
I'm writing this all down though I'm not sure why /
Saved messages of things like "I love you forever"
as if that woulda been a worthwhile endeavor /

I'm ripping down the Christmas lights that were lining the street
defile the memory, you never felt the heat /

There was that winter of Transatlanticism
then the following spring run awry in romanticism /
Now I'm but a figure from your past
another endless love that didn't last /
And I hate these chords, I know that they're no good
I just wish you would acknowledge there was ever an "us" /

Cos there is no thought or feeling
nothing about me that seems appealing /
no emotion left in any quotient
you don't feel the weight of my ill-fated devotion /

Well I got a replacement love but of course I already fumbled her
unlike that Miami boy that you met on Tumblr /
(deception interlaced, I was replaced)
I think I painted us up to be
something so much more-- what were we? /
How weak how lame how overdone is this
we're in opposite directions and this song's gonna miss /

These are just the words I'll never get to say
as if saying them would make any of it okay /
But oh don't take this personally
it's not a fault of yours, it really is me /

My every act of desperation
I cringe with regret
all the stupid things that I've said /
It always comes back to me
like lazy waves on white sands
pulling muck of deeper waters with Atlantic hands /
Always said I couldn't dream of losing you
but since I've lost you I never dream
I'm so empty despite however clever I seem /

Look upon the destruction I have wrought
like everything else, it was all for naught /
I can still hear your bright echo
it's fading but I don't wanna let go /
it just won't be right if I ain't got you \


from Spiritual Successor, released May 17, 2017
featuring the distorted singing of Ashley Green



all rights reserved


Branton G

I write songs about the moments of my life that I deem necessary to remember. Pretty simple stuff.

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