Butterfly Cloud

from by Branton G

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April 2012


I think you'd love it here
scene of our dream, it's the time of year /
I brushed past a bush, butterflies cloud out /
River rolls, families fight
your eyes are gold in lost light /
A little Mexican's sign fell onto the highway /
You're scarred, my offer is standing
my car won't start and the Paluxy's demanding /
Resurrection Fern, taught my brother tall
river walk, the cutest dog
a sign that says to “beware the amoebas”
senseless separation, I hope it leaves us /

[chorus instrumental]

Vinyl plays the same, scratched and worn
in that I say I'll still be attached in the morn /
I don't want your guilt, just our bond rebuilt /
How many days until your stance breaks?
what must I say? what will it take? /
Don't run away into the woods /
Emotional exhaust, trickling streams
your golden eyes refract broken beams /
Strike me or raise your voice
get mad at me, it's your choice
if you gotta shout, get it out
you're drug under by doubt, won't you let it out /

I can't take this pain: you're bleeding down the drain
I won't let your pulse fade faint /
I don't want to fight: you've already made me so weak
but I'll swim with you across the creek /
I won't let you lose your heart: just level out, refresh, restart
I won't let you fall apart / x4

[chorus instrumental]

The way to my brother's, we didn't know
day before my birth, you and me at the Stock Show /
Visited you in the hospital, I came to you
then a parking lot at 3AM the same for you /

Will you slip through my fingers?
I hope some feeling still lingers /
The water rushes, erodes the shore
come back to me, I'll kiss you once more
I don't want you to blow away on the breeze
like a butterfly cloud fleeing the trees /

Will this even reach you?
what would it teach you? /
You rush past me on the river hitting rocks along the way
with nothing but a shiver I wish I could just say /
I love you? \


from Spiritual Successor, released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Branton G

I write songs about the moments of my life that I deem necessary to remember. Pretty simple stuff.

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