Seoul Jim's, or, The Comfort Nilla Wafers Bring Me on the Way to Benbrook at 10PM

from by Branton G

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May 2012


Fess up your weakness now and again
mine's doll-faces with pretty eyes
so I'm a sucker for my ex girlfriend /
Mama's order is restraining of course
she's smoking outside once more
now that's what I call a divorce /
6AM back roads like a farmer
you know I was up all night
had to enchant that Daedric armor /

But I've said some stupid things /

You always blabbed about getting out of this town
so pack up, Class of 2012
you're rich-kid-college bound /
What used to cost 7 dollars is now 21
Staples ripped me off
but taking my money is plenty of fun /
Well tonight I'll set flame to the brush
weary whisper strained
by the water in a moonlit hush /

Yeah I said some stupid things /

My life is a glitchy garble
a flawless cowboy eyes me down
while a dropped dime twirls on the marble /
A girl in baggy clothes, hair over her face
maybe she's a hidden gem
but it's hardly worth the chase /
The empty frames on my wall
blank for too long
but I saw your face in them all /

This is no place for me /

Speeding to Benbrook, falling asleep at the wheel
to get to my bro's choir concert
my vision skips and reels /
And later on we'll do a lot of nothing
we can laugh all day
but I'll still drive home feeling empty /

then another night to play more Skyrim
I've got a box of Nilla Wafers /
and although Mr Bones says it never ends
I'm eating them all /
I'm eating the whole box /

Yeah I've said some stupid things \


from Spiritual Successor, released May 17, 2017
featuring the laughter of A.K. and the shouting of A.S.



all rights reserved


Branton G

I write songs about the moments of my life that I deem necessary to remember. Pretty simple stuff.

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