Wall of Storms

from by Branton G

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June 2012


[chorus interlude]

They say "Never look back," pretending to be strong
"never admit that you could possibly be wrong /
Give it some time and you'll be fine"
but still everyone goes home /
And I'm left all alone, no I don't know /
Why they share it;
none of their advice holds any merit /
Don't tell me to do what I've exhaustively tried
I can't settle for any more compromise /

[chorus interlude]

Shouting against the river will not change its current
just like yelling at the sky will not stir it /
What's set in motion will not stop
read the words that make my heart drop /
Everything I want is a goal I've gotta confront /
Came up with so many ideas but I never follow through
I don't know what I'm gonna do /
Down the hill laying by the stone steps
doesn't matter who I'm just waiting for the next /


and then I'm driving home screaming out Dustbowl Dance
wall of storms flickers next to me at a glance /
A comforting face in another place
sent it my way /
From the east coast to me, she's got the brightest eyes on the sea /
Born of beauty, she's another kind
her soothing smile makes me feel like everything is fine /
But she's got herself a love that's lasted over five years
so I'll stop acting like she'd ever end up here /

[chorus interlude]

Everyone says "don't you worry, pal,
someday love will come to you!"/
So I'm sorry for getting hung up
I just thought maybe they were tellin' me the truth /
What's that sound in the background? it's the last drops of rain against the roof /
I can't imagine how destitute I must seem
I curse the man who says to follow your dreams /
Live only to make yourself feel good?
well I suppose I could, oh I surely should! \



from Spiritual Successor, released May 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Branton G

I write songs about the moments of my life that I deem necessary to remember. Pretty simple stuff.

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